The 1st Serious Games Forum (aka. Connections FR) was held at the War College in Paris on December 3rd, 2018

Serious Games Network has hold the first professional gathering about wargaming and serious games for Defence, civil and research uses in France.

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SGF-advert2_edited-2What to find ?

This free event will bring together military, civil and academic professionals using Serious Games to share their ideas and experience. Debates with our wide range of speakers will give you a better understanding of theses tools.

Designers and users of theses games can take this opportunity to expand their network and share ideas.

Find out more about Serious Games through practice. Experiment by yourself a wide range of Serious Games on many subjects, from security and crisis management to business strategy.

SERIOUS GAMES FORUM is organised in echo with Connections UK and The Connection Wargaming Conference US.

Who can attend ?

Anyone interested by the professionals and educative uses of Wargaming. Scholars, military’s and public institutions, associations and private firms willing to learn more about Serious Games are welcome.

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Pr. Philip Sabin (King’s College), Maj Tom Mouat MBE (Defense Academy), Dr. Sara Ulrich (Deloitte), Peter Perla (US Center for Naval Analysis), Pierre Razoux (IRSEM), COL Sébastien de Peyret (CDEC),  COL de Lajudie (CDEC), Eric Jacopin (ESM Saint-Cyr), CBA Guillaume Levasseur, Patrick Ruestchmann (SGN-FR)…


08:30 / Reception

09:30 / Introduction: Patrick Ruestchmann (SGN-FR)

09:40 / Wargaming and Serious Games: Philip Sabin (King’s College London), Pierre Razoux (IRSEM), Col Christophe de Lajudie (French Army). 

10:50 / What to gain for my organisation? PhD Sara Ulrich (Deloitte), Tom Mouat (UK Defense Academy), Walter Vejovdsky (Capgemini)

12:00 / Lunch, 2 options : Buffet with limited capacity (10,50€ for members or students, 20,50€ for others) or 10€ at the Mess (you must buy ticket on site)

13:30 / Thematic Workshops with game sessions (you may choose 2)

  1. Designing Games: Philippe Thibaut (War across the Word), Philippe Hardy (Bleu Horizon Conseil)
  2. Cyber Security: CBA Guillaume Levasseur (French Army), ISE Systems
  3. Educational and training: COL Sébastien de Peyret (French Army), Tom Mouat, Patrick Ruestchmann
  4. Humanitarian, Health, Civil Defense : Pr Sophie Cros, Russel King, COL Christophe Maresca (Gendarmerie), Juliette le Ménahèze
  5. Historical gaming : Antoine Bourguilleau (Sorbonne), Dominique Guillemin (Defence, Historian), Enguerrand Ducourtil (Historian, student)
  6. Modern wargames : Pierre Razoux, Florent Coupeau (Nuts!), David Delbarre (teacher, ScPo Lille)

17:00 / 30 minutes break

17:15 / Hackathon outcome and feedbacks – Prospects for strategic thinking – Open questions : Tom Mouat, La Croix Rouge, Eric Jacopin, Philip Sabin, …

18:30 / Closing speech, GCA Patrick Destremau (IHED, TBC)